Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aubrey Jane's Arrival

Aubrey Jane has been God's surprise from day one. On April 23rd 2010 Kyle and I were getting ready to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Gabriel's, in Sedalia to celebrate my 27th birthday. I hadn't been feeling very well for a couple of days and had a sneaking suspicion. However, we hadn't been expecting that I could get pregnant because I had not returned on my medication for hyperprolactinemia since nursing Ryland. We toasted with water that night. J

On December 23rd, 2010 we had the biggest surprise of all…

I had been hoping for weeks that the Dr. would agree to induce me one week early and even sent a pleading email, but at my appointment on Monday the 20th, he explained the benefits of waiting until "baby girl" came on her own or until her due date to induce. With Gestational Diabetes, there is a risk of a big baby, but also a risk of underdeveloped lungs. We wanted to make sure she was as healthy as could be. That day the Dr. stripped my membranes hoping it might send me into labor, but I was losing hope in having a baby before Christmas. But, Kyle decided to start his vacation and we spent a couple of days together as a family. We walked the zoo with a few other brave souls in the cold on Tuesday. On Wednesday we decided to try Letterboxing for the first time and did a very short walk at Columbine Open Space south of Castle Rock. For a few days I had been having some contractions that were painless, but noticeable. At our appointment on we were advised to time painful contractions at 3-5 minutes apart for 1 minute each before heading to the hospital. So, I continued on with my daily activities. I went to Choir rehearsal on Wednesday night and enjoyed seeing all my friends and worshipping. I joked about singing with them on Christmas Eve, because I was sure this baby was never going to come. I was sure I would have to wait until our planned induction on Sunday, the 26th. When I got home from Choir, Kyle's best friend Andy came over for a little while since he was only going to be in town for a couple of days. We ended up staying up until 1 am talking and catching up on life with each other. Andy was sure that baby girl would make her debut on the 23rd, Adelyn's birthday. I just rolled my eyes… this baby was NEVER going to come!

At around 4:15 am I woke up to a painful contraction. I went to the bathroom and then decided to start timing them, just in case this was the big moment. Thanks to my handy dandy phone app, I know I started timing contractions at 4:21am and timed the last one at 4:38am before waking Kyle up. We then took very quick showers, and I remember joking with Kyle to "make it snappy!" But, I wasn't really feeling like it was an emergency. Kyle began making phone calls at that point. He called our next door neighbors, Joel and Jenny, who had so graciously agreed to be on duty if it were to happen in the middle of the night to come over until one of the grandmas could get here. At 4:53 am I called my sister, Stephanie, to tell her it was baby time, so get ready and meet us at the hospital. She remembers asking if I thought she had time to take a shower and stuff and I thought of course she did! I had a contraction while on the phone with her and had to take a break talking, but was sort of like "well, anyway, meet us there when you can!" Then at 4:56, as Kyle was frantically knocking on the neighbors door (since they did not hear their phones) I called my mom and told her to come down. Of course she wanted details, and I told her I was having painful contractions about 3-5 minutes apart, and it was time! But I was not panicking I just knew it was time! Joel, who answered door, threw on some clothes and came running over. We jumped in the car, throwing in any last minute items, and were on the road. About that time, Kyle called his mom to come down as arranged to watch Ryland. She said she would be on her way as soon as possible. I texted my best friend Karin at 5:00 sharp to tell her we were heading to the hospital and I remember vividly that we had just gotten on I-25 at Founders Parkway. I also updated my Facebook status at 5:07 while sailing up the highway. I joked that being induced is way better. We both remember passing Sky Ridge, neither of us mentioning to each other, but wishing we could stop there. I was having contractions, fairly regularly, but I also remember asking if it was okay that I stopped timing them. Soon, the contractions were very intense, and I was needing to breathe through them. At some point, I even remember wondering if I would have time for an epidural, and wondering how on earth I was going to sit still for that.

I decided to turn on the radio to try to get my mind on something else. My most favorite song came on at that very moment, "To Know You" by Casting Crowns. I have had this as sort of a theme song for the last year or so. With everything we went through trying to sell the house, and processing the last days of my beautiful Aunt Jane, and everything I had been learning about God. The phrase "God is Good, and God is Enough" had become something I was clinging to daily, as God revealed himself to me on a daily basis through his provision, comfort and strength. The Lord was reaching down with the song to remind me that He was there and He was enough.

Click on this link to hear the song. Casting Crowns "To Know You"

Kyle was going VERY fast on I-25 and I kept saying "Don't get pulled over, or we will be screwed!" but, he kept on getting faster and faster. We even had a BMW trying to race us. Kyle says, the BMW lost, by the way. At about I-25 and Downing, my water broke. First a small amount but on the next contraction it gushed. I told Kyle and he said, "Well, that's just great!" knowing that this baby was coming. (Since, Adelyn was born within 30 minutes of my water breaking, and Ryland within 10 minutes.) But, like anyone would, we continued trying to get there. When we got off the highway at downing we both noticed the sign for Porter hospital and considered it, but still thought it would be better since we knew where we were going to get to St. Joes. But now, Kyle was running red lights on Downing and going much faster than he should've been. I had a very hard contraction, and Kyle asked if I was okay. I really couldn't answer because it was so intense. He looked over and saw me pulling down my pants and said, "What's going on?" I was so in the zone, that I couldn't even process and get the words out myself. "Is the baby coming?" He asked, just in time to see me scoop her up with my hands and place her, crying, on my chest. What happened during that contraction was so supernatural I'm not even sure I can explain it. I knew she was coming, and that I couldn't stop it. First I felt her head, and my body just pushed her body out. The second she started crying I knew she was okay. I felt so incredibly calm, and really not scared at all. I didn't have time to be scared, and I was comforted that the Lord was with us, guiding us. Kyle said "Oh my goodness! What should I do?" To which I responded calmly, "Pull over and call 911". We pulled over at 4th and Downing.

We are waiting to receive a recording of the 911 call, but from what we can recall it went something like this:
911: What’s your emergency?
Kyle: My wife just had a baby in the car.
911:Where are you?
Kyle: Just north of 4th on Downing Street.
911: Is the baby breathing?
Kyle: Yes.
911: Did the baby cry?
Kyle: Yes.
911: Find something to wipe off the baby’s mouth and nose, and to wrap it up in.
Kyle jumped in the back seat and found a fleece jacket of Ryland’s and a blanket that Adelyn had brought in the car a couple nights before when we had gone out to look at Christmas lights. We wiped off her mouth and nose and I wrapped her up.
I remember Kyle telling me to cover her head but not her face. At some point they asked if it was a boy or a girl and I remember double checking and being somewhat relieved that she was still a girl.
911: Now find a shoelace.
Kyle quickly jumped out of the car and took the lace right out of his own shoe, which it was a good thing he had laces on!
Kyle: Okay, I’ve got it now what?
911: Now tie off the umbilical cord at least 6 inches from the baby.

He did that, jumped back in and started blasting the heat to keep us warm, (which I had on cool air before because I was feeling hot from being in labor!) and asked if they knew how far the trucks were. About that time they pulled up behind us.

The fire truck arrived first, and the fire fighters jumped in the car to help us. They held oxygen near Aubrey's face and suctioned her mouth and nose. Soon the ambulance arrived and since Aubrey was still attached to me via umbilical cord, I held her and they helped me out of the car on to the gurney. I was slightly embarrassed and joked later about having to fully moon all the cute firefighters. They put us in the ambulance and started an IV on me and put a warmer on Aubrey. They officially clamped off the cord and Kyle got to cut the cord with a scalpel. We took the very short ride to the hospital (about 4-5 minutes). Kyle followed behind us in the now very mess van, and called Steph. She was a few minutes behind us, and she didn't believe him. The only way he could convince her of what really happened was by telling her Aubrey's name. As she was driving she had been praying for us. When we looked back at cell phone logs, Steph called me to check on me the very minute Aubrey was born, 5:25am. Kyle is pretty sure that she was actually born at Spear and Downing, which is over Cherry Creek… so, Aubrey was born "in a van, down by the river." J

We went through the emergency room, straight up to Labor and Delivery. The nurses and Doctors took care of us from there. Aubrey got cleaned up and warmed up, weighed and measured. She was a little cold, and it took a few minutes for her to warm up. But, soon, we were able to hold her and feed her. She was just perfect. The Dr. checked me out and delivered the placenta, but I was soon feeling a step up from pregnancy! J

Kyle told me in the midst of all of this that the news had been at the scene. We decided to turn it on to channel 7 and probably saw the first airing of the footage. I began to cry, as I couldn't believe that had just happened to me, and I was grateful that we were all fine. It was really quite crazy seeing ourselves on the news, and Kyle even heard himself on the radio on the way to get cell phone chargers, and a new pair of shoelaces.

Through all of this, we know that the Lord was glorified, and trust that His purpose in it all will be or has been fulfilled. In my heart I know that God is good, and God is enough.

1 Peter 2:2-3

Like newborn babies, crave spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer is nearly over??

Wow! I can't believe my last post was in June!! This summer has completely flown by! Here are the life updates...

Pregnancy is cruising on by, just like the summer! In the midst of it, I feel like each day goes slow, but when I look back, and look forward, I can't believe I am halfway through this pregnancy already!! We find out if we will be adding another boy or another girl to our family on Tuesday. We are so excited, and I can't wait to start planning,as well as start the process of coming up with a name. (Though, just like the other two, it will be a secret, no matter how hard you all try... ;) )

Our moving situation is... well, sort of at a standstill. Our initial buyers have taken their house of the market, so are now out of the picture. We are just keeping the house spotless and hoping for showings. It's been frustrating to hear wonderful feedback about our house that always comes with a "but..." The one good thing I can see about this whole showing process is that I have really learned that with a good routine, it is not that hard to keep the house clean! Kyle is a wonderful help with this, and I am SO thankful for him. Hopefully these good habits will continue on...we shall see :) We are not ready to give up on this journey quite yet. We have now lowered our price as low as we can go, and still be able to have this make any sense. We are still holding on to the promise that if this is God's will, he will work it all out. We are also hopeful because it looks like, (if we can sell our house) we will only have to move once!! Our house is nearing the point where they will halt construction until we get a contract, and once we have a contract, we can potentially set closing dates for the same day! That would be an answer to prayer in itself. The other thing we are praying for is that we will be able to close by September 30th and be eligible for the tax credit that was extended, which we were never expecting from the beginning. It would go a long way toward a fence and landscaping!! But, we shall see what God has in store.

Kyle has been blessed the last month or so with extra work which is keeping him busy, and helping make ends meet. We are so thankful for that. He has also been enjoying his Monday night golf league with his dad, and has played in a few other tournaments this summer.

Adelyn is starting preschool next week, which is so hard to believe. She is so ready, and is going to do great! She has been so funny lately about wanting to make friends with every little girl we see out and about. I am praying for her to meet a special little friend in preschool, someone for her to pretend with on the playground and sit next to at lunch. She is a good friend, and loves other kids so much.

Ryland is doing awesome!! He has really adjusted to, and almost seems to enjoy his hearing aids. He seems to be hearing everything, and is really starting to imitate, especially his crazy sister. We are now seeing a WONDERFUL speech therapist at University Hospital every other week. We had missed an appointment, so it had been a month since we saw her, and as we looked back at where he was a month ago, and where he is now, I was SO encouraged!! We have a long road ahead, but God has been good so far, and will see us through. He is still in PT for now. He has started taking quite a few independent steps, and is so proud of himself when he does. It will probably be a matter of only a few more weeks before he is choosing to walk over crawl. And then soon, I'm sure he will be running, and I'll be wondering why I ever wanted him to be on the go! :)

What I've come to discover through this crazy summer, through all of life experiences, being a mother, a wife and friend, is that all that matters in this life is Christ. A new spark has been lit in my heart, that I really cannot explain. It is so easy to get caught up in the stuff, the struggles of this life, and we've had our fair share this summer. I have a tendency to be "independent". I have always just wanted to do it myself. I've got it all under control. I always thought it is just easier to do it myself, and somewhat enjoy the challenge. But what I've come do learn lately, is that I have FAR too much on my plate to handle alone. As I've slowly relinquished control of things, I have so much more peace. Where I have found myself weak, God has filled in the gaps and then some. I am blown away. Lately, the song by Casting Crowns, To Know You has been speaking to me. Every time I listen a new line sticks out. But most obviously, is "To know you is to want to know you more." The more I know the Lord, the more I want to know him. I was given a verse in 2 Timothy that says: "For this reason, fan into flame the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self discipline." God has given me a little spark, a spark to want to grow and know Him. I want that spark to fan into flame, so that my life will be full of power, love and self-discipline. I pray that you will be given a spark today, to know Him if you don't already, or to want to know him more.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello Friends and Family,
I hope your summer is starting off wonderfully!
This summer is proving to be a summer of change, and blessing. We have a lot of updates on life you won’t want to miss, so keep reading.
Our house:
Is still under a contingent contract with our buyers upon the sale of their house. We’ve renewed our contract with them once, And are waiting to see what pans out in the next week or so. Please keep us in prayer about that. It’s been tough to be in limbo, not knowing what’s in Store for us, or where we will be living in a month. We know that God’s got this, and are still excited about what He’s got up his sleeve. Our new house is coming along! They have finished framing, and will probably begin siding this week. We are still on schedule for a mid-August closing. We can’t wait! It’s been so much fun watching it go up. We drive by at least once a day to see what they are up to. Adelyn is quite into the process, also. She says, “ The men are building a house for us, right?” She likes to get out and go see what will eventually be our backyard. I think she is really starting to understand that we are going to move. Please continue to pray for a smooth transition for everyone.
Our Family:
IS GROWING!!! Yes, that’s right! We are expecting baby #3 in December. (Yet another Christmas baby in our family!!) It was a bit of a surprise to us, and it
has taken some getting used to. But we are coming around to the idea! We know God has a plan, and that he will give us everything we need to parent
3 beautiful children! Ryland will be 22 months, and Adelyn will turn 4 in December. We are going to have a VERY busy household. But, we are excited.
we plan to find out the gender in July, but the name will remain a secret, as always! I’ve tried to convince Kyle that we should let the gender be a surprise,
since we are prepared either way, but, he’s pretty sure we need to be able to know how to plan ahead! I am almost 11 weeks and feeling… pregnant. :) I have had morning sickness off and on… it seems to come in waves. But, I feel like my good days are becoming more frequent, so hopefully I will soon turn the corner, into the bliss of 2nd trimester. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy, and healthy baby.
Is as energetic as ever! She is working hard on not having any potty accidents for a whole month. If she fills up her calendar with stickers, she will get a Pillow Pet. She is very excited. So far we have gone a week and a half accident free. (This is a record!!) She is even staying dry for naps. I guess all it takes is the right motivation! Now, if we could find a good motivation for bedtime, we would be set! Please pray for her to know how much we love her, and how much God loves her.
Is still in physical therapy, but I am sure he will be graduating out of that very soon! As soon as he is walking he will be done with that. He is pretty close, just needs some confidence. I am ready to be done with PT, just to have one less appointment!! We are meeting with our CHIP (Colorado Home Intervention Program, for children who are Deaf or hard of hearing) Facilitator once a week. We are learning new ways to teach him language and have lots of “homework” to do for that. Our facilitator is wonderful, and we work together as a team really well. He seems to be using his hearing aids really well, and is turning into quite a noisy little boy!! Please pray for patience for us, and for his future audiology testing. He is at a very difficult age to test in a sound booth! His next appointment is Friday the 11th.

Ephesians 3:16-19

"I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. "

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This week, I am feeling so thankful!

I am thankful that we have a loving Savior who cares about the intimate details of our life. We have a God who holds our lives in the palm of His hands.
2 Peter 1:3 says:
"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness."

I am so thankful that the Lord has already given us EVERYTHING we need!!
I am thankful for doctors, hospitals and tests that ruled out anything life threatening last week when we spent the day in the ER with Kyle. I am thankful that he is okay, and that the Lord kept him safe when he was having such strange and painful symptoms while driving.

I am thankful for our dear sweet children. I am thankful for Adelyn's abundant, contagious Joy, and excitement for life. I am thankful for her precious prayers around the dinner table, and at bedtime, and for her desire to look for rainbows, no matter what the weather. I am thankful for Ryland and his ability to make us laugh with endless games of Peek-A-Boo (which are especially precious because he doesn't cover his eyes all the way ;)) I am thankful for the wonderful help we are receiving to teach him how to hear and to speak.

I am thankful for the representation of the Body of Christ to me last week. I am thankful for the many people who were praying (GO SOPRANOS!) the numerous phone calls, and meals that were sent our way. I was blessed beyond belief last week, by the generous outpouring of love and care on our little family.

2 Peter 1:2
Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Yep, that is a "For Sale" sign in our yard. This has been an incredible month in our family journey. It all started when our church began a preaching series on finances. We were really quite caloused to the idea of talking about money "again!?!" as our church does a financial series once a year. But, soon the Lord began speaking to us and truly working in our hearts.

One phrase stuck out from that sermon about debt. "Run with Gazelle-like intensity away from debt." We were most certainly trapped in our pattern of spending on debt, and overwhelmed with it. Then, Todd spoke on tithing. The truth about tithing that was so clear was God saying, "Test me in this, and I will open the flood gates of heaven". Well, we were both being prompted by the Spirit to do something, but we didn't know what we were supposed to do. Kyle and I sat down with our little spreadsheet of finances and discovered this... if we were tithing, the full 10%, it would be $15 LESS than we were paying each month in debt. We needed to run from our debt. We started looking at how to make this possible. We both knew, selling the house, paying off our debt and starting over fresh was what we needed to do. So, we wanted to run with gazelle like intesity and put it on the market immediately. We went to work cleaning our house, getting it ready to show.

We told our next door neighbors (a wonderful Christian couple) of our decision to move on Friday afternoon, so they wouldn't be shocked by the sight of a for sale sign in our yard. Saturday, they mentioned that they had some friends that said one time that if we were ever going to move, to tell them, because they wanted our house. Kyle got on the phone and called them. They came over on Saturday evening to look at our house, while it was still a disaster from making a bigger mess as we cleaned. They are also a wonderful Christian family. We all prayed together before they left. We could feel the Spirit moving in our situation. Sunday they called and said they wanted our house. They met with their mortgage broker and we are under contract with them for essentially a full-price offer (giving us enough to pay off our debt!!! and put a down payment on a new house, with a smaller mortgage payment, the ability to tithe, etc etc.). This all happened BEFORE our house was even listed on the market!!! (Which never happens! Especially in this market!) Within 2 weeks of hearing the sermon series, we had a full price contract on our house and a contract on a new home for us that we are going to love affording! :-) Seriously??? I will always remember standing in the kitchen making grilled cheese sandwiches with tears of joy flowing down my cheeks as Kyle hung up the phone and said "They want our house".

The story just goes on and on. Small things keep happening... our new home is being built for us, and we negotiated for a ridiculous price on it and it was accepted. The day after we signed a contract with the home builder, Kyle got a call from a national Appraisal firm that wants to give him 6-8 extra appraisals a month, for his full fee, which is completely unheard of in the appraisal world right now. After that we got a call from the home builder that they made a mistake on the contract, and over charged us $2000 for our house. God is for sure, opening the floodgates of heaven on us right now. God is so Good, and gives such good gifts!

If you want to check out what our new house is going to be like, here is a link! It should be done by August 15th!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Our house will be undergoing inspection, so pray that all goes well with that and there are no surprises. At the same time, we get to go to the design center and choose everything for our house!! We are so incredibly excited!

Also pray that we will have wisdom in deciding where to live after we close on this house and our new house is ready for us. If any one knows of anyone with a rental property, or basement please send them my way! We are trying to keep all possibilities open. I am confident that God's got it all worked out, and whatever happens will be great!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. If you are interested, here is a link to the sermons we heard.

I'm finally blogging!

Hi Everyone,
I've decided to start a blog for our family. I know, I'm like years behind, but I thought this would be a good way to share stories and photos with everyone. (Especially those who are not on Facebook. :-)) I also thought it would be a good way for me to start journaling big events in our family, and keeping a history of our journey. I can't belive how quickly time is passing these days, and I really want to treasure every minute and really savor what the Lord is doing in our lives. I probably won't post every day, but when big things happen, I will be sure to share!